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Letter from a long-time reader...

"High school 'small-fry' becomes BIG MAN on campus!"

It started in high school. The mocking laughs in the locker room.


The cruel gossip of the head cheerleader.




That’s what they called me.


It was awful and myself-esteem was in the toilet.


I was afraid to approach girls. I felt like a sexual retard.


Once I got into college I thought things would change... but theydidn’t. I was a virgin stuck in fantasies about having sex with hot chicks, masturbating until my hand and cock practically turned blue.


There was this one guy in my dorm room who ragged on my case constantly. I’ll call him Mack.


We went to the same high school as well, but he never botheredmebackthen. Not sure what got into him once we got to college, but he became a big time jerk-off in a hurry.

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It started one day at a beach party. There were several guys parading around in their Speedos, with girls draped all over them, and Mack was one of them. After a few beers, he dared me to strip down and run naked into the ocean.


“That asshole actually pulled my pants down in front of everyone... my tiny little dick was exposed!”


Needless to say, I was humiliated beyond imagination. About 15 or so other guys and girls saw me in all my nakedness. Some laughed. Some pointed their fingers. All of them had a great time at my expense. It was the worst day of my life to that point. forward to my 30th high school reunion.


Well, the rest is history as they say... and my story has quite the happy ending.


Howard T. 51 years old, Boston MA


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